Shirley Temple Cherry Cupcakes

These Shirley Temple Cherry Cupcakes are inspired by the classic Shirley temple! They start with a box cake mix and are so quick and easy! Just in case you don’t know, a Shirley temple is a drink! It’s non-alcoholic and traditionally made with ginger ale (I like to use Sprite instead!), a splash of grenadine … Read more

25 Pancake Mix Desserts

an assortment of pancake mix dessert recipes

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, read my disclosure policy here. These 25 Pancake Mix Desserts will help you put a twist on your next pastry! Here’s some ways to use pancake mix other than just pancakes. The great thing about all these recipes is that they’re EXTREMELY customizable. Like strawberries? Throw … Read more

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

These Teddy Bear Cupcakes are so stinkin’ cute and yummy you’re going to want to make them ever Valentine’s Day! Teddy Bear Cupcakes are sweet and a great recipe to make with your kiddos. All you’re going to do is bake your favorite flavor of cupcake and decorate! On the flip-side, if you don’t have … Read more

Cake Mix Blueberry Cobbler

cake mix blueberry cobbler on a white plate

Personally, I think Cake Mix Blueberry Cobbler is the perfect summer night treat! Especially when it’s warm, oh my… don’t even get me started! It’s essentially a blueberry dump cake since you really just dump the ingredients into a cake pan and throw it in the oven. It ends up being so packed full of … Read more