Red Velvet  Instant Pot Cheesecake


cream cheese eggs vanilla extract heavy cream sugar red velvet cake mix red food coloring graham cracker crumbs granulated sugar unsalted butter

STEP 1:  Mix together your cream cheese, eggs, vanilla, heavy cream, and sugar.

STEP 2:  Take your cheesecake mixture and divide the batter into two.

STEP 3: In one of the bowls of the cheesecake batter, add in your red velvet cake mix. Mix well.

STEP 4: Mix together your graham crackers, sugar, and melted butter.

STEP 5: Add parchment paper to the bottom of your spring pan. Spray lightly with cooking spray.

STEP 6: Add half of the graham cracker mixture to the bottom of your spring pan mold.

STEP 7: Add white cheesecake mixture about halfway of the pan. Then add 1/4 cup red velvet cheesecake mixture in the middle. Alternate until spring pan is filled. 

STEP 8: Using a toothpick, start from the center and create a clockwise circle creating swirls moving toward the outside of the pan.

STEP 9: Add water to the bottom of Instant Pot, place the cake pan on the trivet and transfer inside the Instant Pot. Close the lid and sealing valve.

STEP 10:  Cook on High Pressure. Once completed, allow a natural release for 5 minutes. Remove and place the cheesecake in the fridge. 

STEP 11:  Slice the cheesecake. Serve and enjoy!