29 Oat Mug Cakes

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These 29 Oat Mug Cakes are delicious and creative breakfast ideas. The yummy recipes contain Nutella, protein powder, oat flour and bananas.

A collection of oat mug cakes with chocolate, berries, cinnamon and whipped cream.

Oat Mug Cakes transform a bland oatmeal breakfast into tasty mug cakes. In this list, you will find scrumptious recipes that are health-conscious and easy to make when you are in a rush in the morning. Protein Mug Cakes with Oat Flour are great for those looking to add more nutrients at the beginning of the day. For even more variations of the oat mug cake, try Tasty Mug Cakes with Bananas or Healthy Mug Cakes with Oat Flour.

These 29 Scrumptious Oat Mug Cakes include a variety of health-conscious recipes. For the gluten-free people in your lives, try out the oat flour recipes. Picky eaters will love the banana mug cakes and won’t even realize there’s fruit in them. With so many amazing options, you won’t know how to pick just one for breakfast!


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Expert Tips for Making Oat Mug Cakes

  • Oat Flour at Home: If you’re out of oat flour don’t fret! Oat flour is quick and easy to make, and all you need is oats. Add your favorite brand of rolled oats in your blender and blend until it comes to a flour consistency. The best part? It’s cheaper to make at home.
  • Gluten Free: Use oat flour instead of all purpose flour for gluten-free desserts. Oat flour isn’t just gluten free, it’s sweeter than all-purpose flour, and creates a chewier texture.
  • Butter vs. Oil: If your cake is coming out rubbery, substitute the oil with melted butter instead for a fluffy cake.

Oat Mug Cake Recipes

Oat Mug Cake Recipes turn your favorite breakfast into a fluffy cake in a mug. These tasty mug cakes combine oats with flavors such as banana, peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate and cinnamon. Gather your mugs and try each of these flavorful oat mug cakes. Top these cakes with fresh berries, oats, chocolate chips, or whipped cream!

Oat mug cake with fresh berries
Oatmeal Mug Cake with Rolled Oats
Warm, soft and fluffy mug cake with oats is perfect for snack, dessert or topped with greek yogurt and berries for breakfast.
Oatmeal Nutella Mug Cake
Here’s my new favorite mug cake: a quick batter with golden oats and chopped pecans that bakes up light and fluffy around a dollop of gooey Nutella in the middle. It’s like getting cake and frosting in one happy mug.
Fluffy banana oat mug cake
Banana Oat Mug Cake
When you’re in the mood for cake but don’t have the time to bake, our recipe for Banana Oat Mug Cake will hit the spot.
Healthy Oat Mug Cake (Vegan)
Whether you think of this as a healthy oat flour mug cake or a single-serving muffin, either way it's delicious! This oatmeal mug cake is fluffy, tender, just sweet enough, and perfect any time of day. 
Banana mug cake with oats and chocolate chips
Eggless Banana Oat Mug Cake
Irresistible sweet, moist and fluffy, this banana oat mug cake is great as a quick snack or dessert! It is eggless, vegan and gluten-free. Ready in 5 minutes and only a handful of simple ingredients required.
Oatmeal Cookie Dough Mug Cake
Satisfy your cookie dough and/or cake craving in less than 5 minutes with this delicious oatmeal cookie dough mug cake! Soft and doughy, this mug cake is gluten-free and made without butter or oil. Quick, easy, and single-serve. The perfect healthy snack!
Cinnamon, oatmeal, and peanut butter mug cake
Peanut Butter Cinnamon Oatmeal Mug Cake
It's cinnamon-y and comforting and, oh, the best part: it has a warm melted peanut butter center.
Decadent chocolate mug cake with chocolate chips
Chocolate Oat Microwave Mug Cake
The quickest, easiest, vegan chocolate mug cake that cooks in just over one minute in the microwave. It is packed with protein and delicious chocolate flavor.
Gooey double chocolate oat mug cake
Double Chocolate Oatmeal Mug Cake
Warm up with Double Chocolate Oatmeal Mug Cake. This recipe makes one perfect serving of ooey gooey chocolate cake in 60-80 seconds in the microwave.

Protein Mug Cakes with Oat Flour

Getting your daily protein can be difficult when you’re on the go. Protein Mug Cakes are a quick and easy way to add protein to your breakfast. Don’t be fooled by the chocolate, these recipes are healthy! Top with berries, peanut butter, bananas or apple for a flavorful twist. Whoever said being healthy means skipping cake never saw these recipes.

Fluffy chocolate mug cake with raspberries and blackberries
Double Chocolate Protein Mug Cake (made with oats)
This DOUBLE CHOCOLATE PROTEIN MUG CAKE is the perfect healthy snack for when you are really craving CAKE. It's super easy to make, full of protein, and made with ground oats instead of flour.
Gooey chocolate mug cake with sea salt flakes
Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
This chocolate protein mug cake tastes like you are indulging in your favorite rich dessert – but, surprise! It’s good for you! Plus, it’s gluten-free too!
Chocolate mug cake with chocolate chips and peanut butter drizzle.
Protein Mug Cake
Ever since sharing my coconut flour mug cake earlier this year, I knew I wanted to share a protein version as well. I love sneaking protein into pretty much any meal or snack and that includes dessert!
Mug cake with blueberries
Protein Blueberry Mug Cake For One
This protein blueberry mug cake has a vanilla dough and juicy blueberries. Vegan, gluten-free and so healthy, this blueberry cake in a mug comes together in just 3 minutes! 
Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
This Chocolate Protein Mug Cake is low calorie and high protein. And best of all, it takes just 2 minutes to make. You can cook this protein mug cake recipe in a coffee mug, or a ramekin, and use any protein powder you prefer. Plus, I’ve supplied you with a protein powder guide below!
Apple Pie Protein Mug Cake
This twist on the classic apple pie is the perfect single-serving snack. Top with cinnamon, apples, and yogurt for a healthy breakfast.
Protein mug cake with ice cream, chocolate, and sea salt flakes
Chocolate Chip Protein Mug Cake
This chocolate chip protein mug cake is the perfect healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s easy to make, naturally gluten free and has about 15 grams of protein per serving.
Protein chocolate mug cake with chocolate chips
Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
This Chocolate Protein Mug Cake takes less than 5 minutes to make from start to finish. It's the perfect healthy high protein dessert!
Fluffy chocolate mug cake with banana slices
Protein Mug Cake | Healthy, Low Calorie, & High Protein
This chocolate protein mug cake has a soft, gooey texture and a decadent chocolatey flavor with melty chocolate chips stuffed throughout. It’s a healthy treat that’s super easy to make and has over 25 grams of protein!

Healthy Mug Cakes with Oat Flour

We love Healthy Mug Cakes with Oat Flour. These single-serving desserts are low on calories and use oat flour instead of traditional all-purpose flour. Oat flour is easy to make with just rolled oats and a blender, without having to worry about gluten. With flavors like honey, cinnamon roll and chocolate, you won’t believe how healthy these treats are.

Chocolate mug cake with gooey chocolate chips
Healthy Flourless Chocolate Mug Cake
The best chocolate mug cake you’ll ever have! It tastes supremely rich & decadent, even with no butter, eggs, flour or sugar! Only 108 calories & so easy to make!
Cinnamon mug cake with cinnamon roll drizzle
2 Minute Healthy Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake [Vegan Recipe]
Healthy cinnamon roll mug cake is ready in 2 minutes in the microwave! This oatmeal cinnamon roll mug cake recipe is vegan, gluten-free and so delicious that it will feel like eating cake for breakfast.
Tasty mug cake with cinnamon whipped cream and honey
Healthy Honey Mug Cake
Looking for a quick, delicious individual dessert? It doesn’t get any simpler than this warm, cozy honey mug cake.
Healthy Oat Flour Mug Cake with Olive Oil (Vegan)
I am obsessed with making healthier for you treats. This oat flour mug cake with olive oil (vegan) is the perfect healthy treat. This mug cake tastes like a brownie, it is so freakin good. Thanks to oat flour it is also gluten free.
Fluffy chocolate mug cake
Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake (Gluten-Free, No Egg Recipe)
A healthy chocolate mug cake that’s perfectly moist, decadent, and made with clean ingredients only. If that looks like something you might want to dig your spoon into, you’re in the right place.

Tasty Mug Cakes with Bananas

You’ll go bananas for these Tasty Mug Cakes with Bananas. Try these treats for breakfast with sliced bananas and oats on top, or serve with ice cream for a delicious dessert. For a snack, top them with chocolate chips, walnuts or oats. Try the vegan and gluten-free options for even more healthy desserts.

Banana mug cake with chocolate chips and walnuts
Banana Bread Mug Cake (Vegan + Gluten Free)
This healthy Banana Bread Mug Cake is so moist and fluffy you won’t believe it’s made in the microwave in under 3 minutes! The perfect fuss-free way to use up overripe bananas. Vegan, gluten free, oil free and refined sugar free!
Healthy Banana Mug Cake
Grab a cup and whip up this vegan banana mug cake using oat flour, mashed banana, and no egg needed! So fluffy, moist, and comforting, you’d never guess it’s eggless and dairy free.
Banana chocolate chip mug cake
Chocolate Chip Banana Mug Cake (Vegan, Gluten-Free)
This chocolate chip banana mug cake is vegan, gluten-free, and a delicious 5-minute dessert! There’s no need to bake an entire loaf of banana bread when you can enjoy this single serving banana bread mug cake. 
Fluffy banana mug cake with walnuts
Banging Banana Mug Cake: In less than 7 minutes!
With a heavenly mix of banana and maple syrup, this delicious banana mug cake has to be one of my favorite mug cake recipes. Such an easy recipe, that even the kids can have a go, it’ll be ready in just 6 minutes!
4 Ingredient Banana Mug Muffin (No White Flour, Butter, Oil, Refined Sugar, or Eggs)
This single-serving banana oat muffin cooks in the microwave. It is just four ingredients and doesn’t contain any white flour, butter, oil, refined sugar, dairy or eggs. The muffin comes out soft and fluffy and makes an easy breakfast or snack.
Banana chocolate chip mug cake
Easy Banana Chocolate Mug Cake
This is seriously one of the easiest one serving breakfasts ever. I mean cake for breakfast? Say what? Yes. I’m saying it.

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