Chocolate Cake Mix Hacks

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In need of a cake for a party, celebration, anniversary, etc.? Chocolate cake mix hacks are a fantastic way to begin your baking process. With these tips, favorite additions, and frequently asked questions, you’ll be sure to improve your chocolate cake mix.

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Regardless if you’re using boxed chocolate cake mix recipes, or homemade cake mix, chocolate cake mix is a delicious treat to have.

Is there anything wrong with using boxed cake mix? Certainly not! Using a boxed cake mix is convenient because the ingredients are measured out for you so all you have to do it make the mix.

However, if you use a boxed cake mix, you might be able to taste a little bit of a difference from a cake mix that is homemade. If you want to get rid of that boxed cake mix taste or want to improve your cake mix, these chocolate cake mix hacks will get you headed in the right direction to making delicious cakes.

Chocolate cake has been around for quite sometime and was created in Europe by monks. will provide you with a more in depth explanation on the history of chocolate cake.

If you’re looking for recipes that use chocolate, try, delicious recipes with chocolate cake mix, chocolate mint cupcakes, or delicious chocolate mug cake from cake mix recipes.

Chocolate Cake Mix Hacks

Using these chocolate cake mix hacks will improve your chocolate cake mix whether you enjoy recipes for chocolate cake mix from a box or from scratch.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to make the best possible cake as possible? The best way to improve your cake making abilities is to learn hacks and tips on how to make a better mix.

Tip 1: Swap Oil for Melted Butter

If you’re using a boxed mix recipe, adding butter instead of oil has its benefits. Butter adds moisture and fat like any other oil would, but it also adds the flavor of butter that the oil won’t.

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Tip 2: Add an Extra Egg

This tip can be used for homemade cake mix, or boxed cake mix and could be the best tip to use. By adding an extra egg to your cake mix, your cake will be more soft and will be less likely to over-bake in the oven.

Tip 3: Exchange Water for Dairy

By using dairy instead of water your cake mix will taste better. If you’re going to exchange water for dairy, one cup of milk can be substituted for one cup of water. If you want your cake to create a fluffy crumb, try using buttermilk.

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Tip 4: Add Instant Pudding

Using instant pudding in your cake mix will allow your cake to be more moist. In addition to helping your cake stay moist, adding pudding will boost the flavor of your cake mix, making your final product even more delicious.

Tip 5: Use Coffee Instead of Water

When making chocolate cakes, using coffee instead of water will deepen the flavor of your cake.

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Tip 6: Add Mix Ins

Adding mix ins like nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, or a combination of fruits is a great way to add flavor to your cake mix as well as make your cake more visually appealing.

Tip 7: Use Room Temperature Ingredients

Using room temperature ingredients is a great way to improve the structure of your baked goods. Leaving your ingredients at room temperature also helps the batter and dough come together.

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Favorite Additions to Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix

Additions that you can add to improve the taste of your chocolate cake mix recipe can be anything from fruits to sprinkles. The additions to your chocolate cake mix ultimately come down to what type of foods and treats that you like, but fruits, nuts, coconut, and sprinkles are all good additions.

How to Make the Best Chocolate Cake From a Box

In addition to using the tips above, you can improve your chocolate cake from a box by adding a filling to the middle of your cake.

Also, a mix of mini chocolate chips, light brown sugar, and chopped pecans can improve the flavor of your boxed chocolate cake and it will also make your chocolate cake feel more homemade.

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Cake Mix FAQs

To make your box cake taste like it’s homemade, you first will want to buy the best possible box cake mix. Another thing that you can do is to make your buttercream from scratch.

Yes you can certainly use milk instead of water in cake mix. Using milk will allow for your cake to have a better taste to it.

You can use sour cream instead of water in a cake mix. As long as you are replacing liquids, sour cream is a great alternative.

To make your box cake fluffier, you would simply have to add another egg to your cake mix.

If you want to add flavor extract to your box cake mix, using one half teaspoon to one teaspoon should be sufficient.

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