Box Brownie Hacks

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Brownies are one of the most loved desserts by everybody. Box brownie hacks are one way to improve your brownie baking skills. Brownies are a delicious treat but can sometimes be a hassle to make. What better way to solve that problem than using box brownies.

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Throughout this article, you will learn new hacks that will help you improve the taste of your brownies. If you want to make a dessert for a party or get together and want to improve your skills before bringing them to the event, you’re in the perfect place.

Brownies are a US originated dessert and are believed to have been created in 1892. The first brownie recipe can be traced back to 1896 in a Boston school cooking book. provides you with a more detailed summary on how brownies came to be.

Start With a Good Brownie Mix

While the first hack sounds like a given, it is a step that you cannot forget. Using a good brownie mix to start with will help with the outcome of your brownies. If you don’t use a good brownie mix, it will be difficult to save the flavor of your brownies later on in the baking process.

Use Butter Instead of Oil

Using butter instead of oil will add more richness to your brownies once they are done baking. Most brownie mixes suggest using oil, but using melted butter will give you a better overall taste when done baking.

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Use Egg Yolks Instead of a Whole Egg

When using egg yolks instead of a whole egg, you will want to use two egg yolks for every egg that your mix tells you to use. Using egg yolks instead of whole eggs will increase the fat content of your brownies and keeps more fudge flavor.

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Use Hot Brewed Coffee Instead of Water

Hot brewed coffee is suggested in most chocolate cake recipes so why not use it for your brownies. Using hot brewed coffee will help create a more intense chocolate flavor when taking a bite out of your brownie.

Avoid Over-Mixing Your Boxed Brownie Batter

Over-mixing your batter is a common mistake and is very easy to do. If you over-mix your brownie batter, your brownies will come out more dense and won’t hold the fudge of your brownies as well as if you didn’t over-mix your batter. To avoid over-mixing, mix until the dry mixture disappears and then put your mix into the oven right away.

Brownie FAQs

If you want to have a more fudgy brownie, it all comes down to the ratio of fat to flour. If you want a more fudgy brownie you will have to use more fat than flour.

When putting away your brownies for later, make sure that you are putting them away air tight.

Greasing the bottom of a brownie pan helps the brownies rise and they naturally pull away from the sides when they are done.

Pam is the best spray to use when cooking brownies. Using Pam will allow your brownies to come right off of the pan and not stick when trying to put them on your plate.

Lining a baking pan with parchment paper is one of the easiest ways to save time and energy when making brownies, cakes, or any other baked good.

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