Heart Cupcakes

These cute Heart Cupcakes are so sweet. No special mold need to perfect these Valentines Day cupcakes. Heart Cupcakes are the perfect way to say that you love someone. This recipe is so easy to do and since you use a box cake mix it’s fast as well. Why is the heart synonymous with love? … Read more

Chocolate Mint Cake

This chocolate mint cake is a dump cake. You don’t have to break out any tools for this one. Simply place the ingredients in the pan and bake. Chocolate Mint Cake is one of the best flavor combinations. The taste of decadent chocolate and cool mint seem like the perfect compliment to any meal. This … Read more

Green Vanilla Crinkle Cookies

a stack of green vanilla crinkle cookies next to a green necklace and a striped cloth

The Green Vanilla Crinkle Cookies recipe below is the perfect green cookie to take to your St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas Party. They are cute, homemade and so easy. This Vanilla Crinkle Cookies recipe is so easy because you use cake mix and only a few other ingredients. Decorate them for a festive St. Patrick’s … Read more

Hot Cocoa Chocolate Dump Cake

close up of piece of hot cocoa dump cake

Get ready to fall in love with your first bite of this Hot Cocoa Chocolate Dump Cake! There’s nothing quite like adding in a few ingredients and watching a delicious cake form right before your eyes! Winter is the season for easy baking! You’re not going to find a more delicious recipe than this chocolate … Read more

Red Velvet Instant Pot Cheesecake

This Red Velvet Instant Pot Cheesecake is the ultimate red velvet cake cheesecake, not only because of the velvety texture but also because it is made so easily in the instant pot. Instant Pot Cheesecake is so lush, decadent and sweet. It is the perfect dessert to make on Valentine’s Day or any time you … Read more

Valentine Cake Mix Sugar Cookies

Valentine cake mix sugar cookies on a white plate

These cake mix sugar cookies are the best way to have a homemade sweet for your family for Valentine’s Day. They are a quick and easy dessert and it only takes 3 ingredients. What could be easier? Cake mix sugar cookies are so easy that anyone with a little time can create something special for … Read more