Octopus Cupcakes

Octopus cupcakes make your tropical ocean party so easy. Topping the cupcakes with a candy octopus not only makes them super easy but also super cute. These octopus cupcakes are perfect for your child’s birthday party, pool party or just because they are fun treat day. They come together quick and easily with a box … Read more

Patriotic Dunkaroo Dip

Patriotic Dunkaroo Dip is a sweet creamy, cheesecake like dip that you can use to plunge all your favorite treats into. It is perfect for parties and barbeques as an appetizer or a dessert. This Patriotic Dunkaroo Dip is so fun. It reminds you of that fun snack you had as a child, but this … Read more

The Best Lemon Mug Cake Recipes

an assortment of lemon mug cake recipes

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, read my disclosure policy here. Are you looking for a tasteful fruity dessert? Try out these 22 lemon mug cake recipes, they are insanely delicious! These lemon mug cake recipes are both decadent and tangy at the same time. They are insanely easy to make when … Read more

Amazing Poke Cake Recipes

an assortment of poke cake recipes

Are you tired of the same old cake recipes? Take a look at these poke cake recipes that are guaranteed to add a little flavor to your day! Poke cakes may have been invented around the year 1970, but they are still a very popular dessert to this day! There are so many different recipes … Read more

Banana and Cinnamon Cupcakes

These Banana and Cinnamon cupcakes are tender and light but pack all the flavor of your favorite banana bread. They are decadent cupcakes that have a lush cream cheese frosting that makes them a must try. Banana and Cinnamon cupcakes are a perfect addition to your brunch menu. They offer a sweet treat but are … Read more

Heart Cupcakes

These cute Heart Cupcakes are so sweet. No special mold need to perfect these Valentines Day cupcakes. Heart Cupcakes are the perfect way to say that you love someone. This recipe is so easy to do and since you use a box cake mix it’s fast as well. Why is the heart synonymous with love? … Read more