Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes are rich chocolate cupcakes with a delicious mint center and decadent frosting. These unique cupcakes will be one of your go-to recipes for parties or gatherings. These Chocolate Mint Cupcakes are reminiscent of the classic Thin Mint girl scout cookies. Try this thin mint cupcake out for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day, … Read more

Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

overhead shot of 6 Rainbow St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Rainbow St. Patricks Day Cupcakes are a fun, easy project that you can do with your family that is also magically delicious. This takes really no special skills or tools but the finished product is display worthy. These St. Patricks Day cupcakes start with a regular cupcake that you make from a box cake mix. … Read more

Green Vanilla Crinkle Cookies

a stack of green vanilla crinkle cookies next to a green necklace and a striped cloth

The Green Vanilla Crinkle Cookies recipe below is the perfect green cookie to take to your St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas Party. They are cute, homemade and so easy. This Vanilla Crinkle Cookies recipe is so easy because you use cake mix and only a few other ingredients. Decorate them for a festive St. Patrick’s … Read more

Rainbow Colorful Cupcakes

4 rainbow colorful cupcakes on a wire cooling rack

This rainbow colorful cupcakes recipe is a favorite. It is great for children’s parties, Mardi Gras or Easter celebrations. They are a creamy ricotta cheese rainbow cupcake with marshmallow buttercream frosting. Colorful cupcakes are fun to make and fun to eat. They are super easy because you start with a box cake mix then add … Read more

Shamrock Dunkaroo Dip Recipe

This Shamrock Dunkaroo Dip Recipe will bring you the luck of the Irish in only 10 minutes with 5 ingredients. Whip up this Dunkaroo Dip recipe for your St. Patrick’s Day party this year. This Dunkaroo Dip recipe is a perfect easy, no bake green treat for St. Patrick’s Day. It only takes a few … Read more